Tuesday, July 7, 2020

PALLAVI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, ATTAPUR stands for dedication, ethics and discipline in the field of education. Our priorities are good education, building of good character, creating enthusiasm towards studies and also extracurricular activities and finally equipping children to compete with the world.

The Corona virus pandemic led to opening of hundreds of windows for learning from home and we too continue the learning process through VIRTUAL CLASSES.


  • Classes with your child’s own teachers : continuity of care
  • Live classes : ask and answer questions, join classes with your own classmates.
  • Full time table : From 9.00 am till 3 pm: your child’s learning continues.
  • Regular time table : breaks, meals etc are at the time your child’s mind and body are used to.
  • Fun activities : online learning has inspired our teachers
  • Feedback : your child is not learning alone: our teachers encourage and feedback on their work
  • Virtual classes are not just learning: our teachers offer the same emotional support and encouragement, including individual time with your child, as they do in when our buildings are open. We are here for you.

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